Receivable Financing

Elevate Your Cash Flow with Federal Capital Group's Receivables Financing Solutions

In today’s competitive business landscape, a robust working capital strategy is more critical than ever. Liquidity issues can strain your operations, restrict your growth opportunities, and even jeopardize the very survival of your enterprise. Federal Capital Group recognizes these challenges and offers unparalleled Receivables Financing services to facilitate your working capital needs.

Tailored Financing Terms to Meet Your Needs

Federal Capital Group's receivables financing is designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating a wide range of loan amounts, from $1 million to $100 million. Our advanced rates range from 70% to 90%—offering you greater access to the funds tied up in your unpaid invoices.

- Loan Duration: Our term lengths are flexible, running from one to five years, to match your operational needs.

- No EBITDA Constraints: Unlike other forms of financing that may require you to meet specific EBITDA metrics, our receivables financing doesn't hold you back with such limitations.

- Minimal Covenants: We offer a covenant-light structure, ensuring you’re not hamstrung by stringent requirements.  

- Industry Neutral: Our financing services are versatile, catering to businesses across various sectors.

Attractive Interest Rates

We offer competitive interest rates starting at just 3% for financing through commercial banks, and 6% for non-bank options, making our packages not just flexible but also financially attractive.

The Criteria for Receivables Financing with Federal Capital Group

Our underwriting process is comprehensive yet straightforward. The key aspects that we look at include:

- Types of Receivables: We focus on B2B and B2G receivables, widening your avenues for eligible invoices.

- Invoice Age: Your receivables should be no more than 120 days old, ensuring that the assets are relatively liquid.

- Customer Concentration: We allow for customer concentrations of up to 50%, giving you more freedom in terms of diversifying your revenue streams.

- Billing Structure: Whether you bill in arrears, utilize milestone billing, or even pre-billing, we offer options that fit your specific needs.  

- Global Outreach: For companies with an international customer base, we also consider international receivables, provided they are backed by credit insurance.

Flexibility Across Lender Types: Federal Capital Group's network encompasses both commercial banks and non-bank lenders, allowing you to opt for either a more traditional, cost-effective approach or a more flexible, albeit more expensive, financial solution.

Navigating Your Options: While commercial banks often provide a cost-effective route, non-bank lenders offer a higher degree of flexibility, albeit at a premium. Federal Capital Group will assist you in navigating these options to find the one that aligns best with your operational requirements and financial constraints.

Expertise at Every Step: At Federal Capital Group, we don’t just offer financing; we offer partnership. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way, providing the guidance and support you need to not just secure financing, but also to optimize it for your specific operational needs.

Federal Capital Group's Receivables Financing solutions go beyond mere transactions—they symbolize our commitment to your business's growth and success. Our transparent, efficient, and highly personalized services set us apart in a crowded market. Partner with us to unlock your business’s full potential today.

Why Choose Federal Capital Group?

  • Flexibility Across Lender Types
  • Navigating Your Options
  • Expertise at Every Step

Can I finance international receivables?

Yes, Federal Capital Group accommodates international receivables, provided they are supported by credit insurance.

Is there an age limit for the receivables I can finance?

Yes, we generally finance receivables aged less than 120 days to maintain asset liquidity.

What kind of interest rates can I expect?

Interest rates start as low as 3% through commercial bank channels, and at 6% through non-bank lenders.

How quickly can I access the funds?

Our efficient approval process ensures that qualified businesses can access funds in a timely manner, often much faster than through traditional financing routes.