Acquisition Financing

Transform Your Ambitions into Reality with Federal Capital Group's Strategic Acquisition Financing Solutions

When it comes to the high-stakes arena of mergers and acquisitions, access to capital can often be the difference between a missed opportunity and a game-changing transaction. Federal Capital Group offers an array of flexible financing solutions, specifically designed for those looking to make impactful acquisitions. From established businesses to emerging entrepreneurs, our comprehensive offerings are structured to accelerate your growth, facilitate successful takeovers, or spearhead intricate leveraged buyouts (LBOs).

Financing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Federal Capital Group's financing solutions are meticulously tailored to align with your unique requirements:

- Financing Range: Loan options available from $1 million to an impressive $100 million

- Collateral Choices: Both secured and unsecured financing solutions to suit your needs

- Versatile Structures: Choose from traditional bank loans, unconventional non-bank options, or SBA-backed alternatives

- Broad Network: Connect with our network of over 1000+ lenders via our technology platform

- Swift Turnaround: Benefit from our industry-leading 48-hour average lender response time

Paving the Path to Your Acquisition

Zero In On Your Target

The journey to securing the right financing begins with defining the acquisition target. Specialized financing like ours is tailored to the specific financial standing of the acquisition target, making it essential for you to be strategic in your approach.

Secure Terms with the Seller

Following the identification of a suitable target, the next pivotal step is arriving at an initial agreement with the seller. This phase often tests your negotiation skills, as it's crucial to strike a balance between the interests of both the buying and selling parties. Particularly when you're dealing with private sellers or family businesses, an empathetic approach can be just as vital as financial know-how.

Explore Your Financing Options

After a mutual agreement on the initial terms has been reached, the next step is to assess your available equity and the amount you’ll need to borrow. Federal Capital Group's proprietary platform can help you evaluate the maximum loan size that aligns with your specific deal.

Begin Your Acquisition Journey with Federal Capital Group

At Federal Capital Group, we see acquisition financing as more than a transaction—it's a strategic alliance. We're fully committed to your success and offer a seamless, transparent, and personalized service experience that sets us apart. Leverage our expansive network, tap into our innovative technology, and allow our experienced team to steer you towards your next strategic acquisition. Take the first step with Federal Capital Group today.

Why Partner with Federal Capital Group?

  • Fast and Precise Connections
  • Quick Access to Capital
  • Guiding Hand from Start to Finish
  • Achieve Better Terms and Rates

Is a Seller's Note Sufficient for Financing the Purchase Price?

Lenders typically require a 5-20% cash contribution from the buyer, ensuring your committed involvement in the acquisition.

Are Self-Prepared Financials Adequate?

Lenders often rely on audited financials over company-prepared ones. Should discrepancies arise, additional verification like a Quality of Earnings (QofE) report may be required.

How Fast Can I Close the Deal?

Acquisition loans usually take between 6 weeks to 4 months to finalize, based on multiple factors. It's crucial to respect the due diligence process to maintain credibility with lenders.